What Our Customers Are Saying
Torri:  Our second house was  a fixer upper.  We thought we were up to the tasks ahead of us, but we wanted piece of mind before we signed.  Tom helped us determine the real condition of our new home.   Thanks Tom!
Nancy:  I'm a realtor and when I reccomend an inspector to a client, I want him to be fair and impartial.   The reports are easy to read and available on line 24 hours a day.  No more reports to get lost.  Thanks Tom!
Jim:  I was just transfered to the area.  I had a house back home to sell, one here to buy and a family to move.  My wife and I reviewed the inspection report online, I was here, she was there.   Thanks Tom!
Georgia:  Well it looked too good to be true.  We almost purchased a home with a broken foundation, aluminum wiring with a failing heating and air conditioning system.  You saved us big time.  Thanks Tom!
Brenda:  It was time to downsize and sell my home of 28 years.  I had my home inspected to determine its real condition and made a detailed list of needed repairs before the sale.  Thanks Tom!
Clayton:  We did the inspection.  Tom let me follow every step as he went over, under and through our new home.  The education i got along the way was worth far more than the fee.   Thanks Tom!
Thanks for stopping by.  If you are buying, selling or investing in real estate, you need to be on top of the real condition of your property, warts and all.  Not only am I a LICENSED HOME INSPECTOR, I'm am also a LICENSED HOME BUILDER.  As long as I can remember, I have been crawling under and through old houses, new houses and every kind of building imaginable.  I've seen just about every kind of Jerry Rig, Handy Man fix and deterioation that can happen to a house.  I specialized in renovating older homes for years, then built custom homes and now I inspect homes with a passion.  I love what I do and look forward to helping you with your next purchase.  Keep Smiling!  Tom