Glad to see you are interested in what a complete home inspection will look like.  From this page you can view a sample report I did in the middle of the summer.  It was over 100 degrees the day I did this inspection.  The good news is, the air conditioning unit was running well, and the home was in good condition with only a few items that required attention.  The biggest thing we found was a bad disposal and a few small maintenance items.

Reading the report you will notice I list every thing I inspect and everything I did not inspect and why.  If I find a problem, I will usually make reconditions on how to fix/repair on the problems I find and the estimated cost.   Being  a home builder and renovator all those years sort of  keeps the estimating in me.

The sample report is in a PDF format, so you may need to download the Free Adobe reader to view the report.

The Subject home was a recent Foreclosure.    There were several electrical issues because the home had been stripped of some of its ceiling fans and fixtures. 

Thanks for your Interest

Tom Dunnavant

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Tom Dunnavant
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The Summary at the end of the report will list all the items we found that needs repairs or replacement.  When possible, we include the estimated cost to make these repairs.
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